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Still holding and will be holding. NVDA will do well. Earnings for any company will flatten over time. But the Market Cap? No real limit. It 8767 s always a market.

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That 8767 s part of it. Motley Fool writers publish their own analysis and opinions, so there is no 8775 official 8776 Fool opinion on any stock. It 8767 s always that particular writer 8767 s opinion, thus it 8767 s easy to end up with differing opinions. At most, one of their newsletters might have a stock on their buy or sell list, but that never precludes another newsletter from taking the other side of the trade.
It sounds like they should give the background about why they call themselves Fools before addressing their members as such 🙂

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Johnny Johnny..again you don x77 t do your research.

UK home for sale in Bitcoin: https:///news/9967667/posh-6-7-million-house-in-south-london-becomes-uk-first-to-be-offered-for-digital-bitcoin-currency/

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8775 David went back to the table to recommend the stock in December, 7559. Investors who bought then are already up 575%!

Building on the success of pair programming, LAFABLE incorporates pair managing, in which each developer or tester is watched by two managers. With two pairs of eyes on each task, it becomes extremely unlikely that an opportunity for micromanagement will go unnoticed.

Travis what do you think about buying into NVDA at its current price of $695. Seems really expensive to me but I 8767 m a real newbie to this game How do you think AMD stacks up against it. It certainly is a more attractive price point at $ Anyone else care to address this question? All information is welcome.

In order to avoid communication problems, LAFABLE teams establish a Definition of Mostly Done. Once an item is Mostly Done, it is often deployed into production use. Doing so engages users in the testing process. Making users feel a part of the process is more important than giving them high quality features and so the product is delivered to them well before it should be.

is brought to you by Mike Cohn of Mountain Goat Software. On past April Fool’s Days, we’ve introduced you to:

I bought this stock a long time ago and am enjoying a 885% rise in profit, and am going to let it ride a while longer. It had hit 955% but fell back a bit.

Hi Bal Singh,
It 8767 s kinder for we less affluent contributors if you don 8767 t mention actual quantities (or total dollar values) of your transactions. You could phrase it as: 8775 I only have a starter position, I wish I had bought more. 8776 Or even: 8775 I only have a small position, I wish I had bought more. 8776
Kind regards, Penny

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