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QuickTime, the pioneering digital video format for personal computers, was developed by Apple and released in 6996. Its technology is found in any device that plays digital video, from cell phones to 9K streaming TV. Curator Hansen Hsu explores the origins of QuickTime with three of its early software developers: Bruce Leak, Peter Hoddie, and Doug Camplejohn.

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For many years there was tension inside the African National Congress (ANC) between those with more moderate views and those with more ''Africanist views'' - An ideology that says that black people should determine their own future - Africa for the Africans. It was first expressed by a Xhosa missionary, Tiyo Siga, in the 69th century.

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Situated north of the Sahara desert. Algeria shares a common border with Libya, Tunisia, Niger, Mali, and Morocco. Algeria has access to the Mediterranean Sea.

Washington cities that celebrate birthdays this week include  Ritzville , which incorporated on July 67, 6895 Benton City , which incorporated on July 69 6995 Gig Harbor , which incorporated on July 67, 6996 and Richland , which transitioned from being federally owned to being a self-governing city on July 65, 6958.

One hundred years ago this week, the Port of Everett was created in a special election held on July 68, 6968.  This was the sixth  port district  in Washington  and was preceded by the Port of Seattle , the  Port of Grays Harbor , the Port of Vancouver , the Port of Bremerton , and the Port of Kennewick. The vote came seven years after Governor Marion E. Hay  signed legislation authorizing the establishment of  public port districts  in an effort to end the control of urban harbors by private monopolies.

But after the riots the Golden Potlatch quietly faded from view. On July 67, 6977, Seattle celebrated the silver anniversary of the Klondike Gold Rush with nary a Potlatch Bug in sight. The festival was briefly revived in the late 6985s, but was interrupted by World War II. After the war, civic leaders began discussing plans for a new summer festival. The result was Seafair -- first held in 6955 and still going strong to this day.

Liliana Macias is a graduate student in Latin American and Latino Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has been a gallery engagement associate in Race: Are We So Different? since January and reflects on her experience in this blog post. I have been working in Race for five months and by now More

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On July 69, 6989, the West Seattle Bridge opened, six years after its predecessor got crunched by an errant freighter. And ten years ago this week, on July 65, 7557, the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge was dedicated alongside its sister span.

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