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''But there was a good fire in the conference chamber,'' Cecil told me. ''Everyone shed their cloaks with a sigh of relief and the servants took them away and we settled round the table and picked up our copies of the agenda in a cheerful fashion. A mood which lasted,'' he added drily, ''approximately five minutes.''

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During the second attack, two days later, Dale, her slightly protuberant blue eyes anxious, and the pocks of a long ago attack of the smallpox standing out as they always did when she was upset, brought me a soothing potion (brewed by Gladys) and said candidly: ‘Ma’am, if you marry that captain, you’ll spend half your life having migraines.’

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Only after Hugh himself was gone did Matthew and I come briefly together once more. Harry was the result of that. But there was nothing now between Matthew and me. I was glad to have Harry but I rarely thought of his father. It was Hugh I mourned, and always would, when anything such as the sight of the trotters reminded me of him.

Hicks predicted, 8775 Building partner capacity [missions, training and exercises] will be heavily scrutinized 8776 when the administration takes office in January.

Towards the end of that year, the steward who had been looking after Withysham suddenly died. I was then living, as usual, at Hawkswood, which I loved because it was a beautiful house and also because it had once belonged to my third and most beloved husband, Hugh Stannard. I did not go to Withysham myself to arrange a replacement but sent Hawkswood''s steward, Adam Wilder, into Sussex to find and install a replacement. Adam, tall, grey-haired, with years of experience of looking after Hawkswood, could be trusted with the task and in his absence, my excellent manservant Roger Brockley could well take over his duties.

After being used to Hawkswood, I usually felt somewhat confined when I visited Withysham, but I did like its serene atmosphere. Perhaps the centuries of prayer and contemplation it had known before King Henry intervened had left their memory in the stone of its walls. This time, it began to soothe me as soon as I stepped over the threshold.

''Would your new scheme provide an heir?'' demanded Sussex, glaring at Dudley. ''It''s an heir that England desperately needs. And the queen is not so opposed to the idea of marriage as you imagine. I have talked with her several times on the subject. As for her age, she is healthy, and many women bear a first child when they are past forty, with perfect success. In some matters, we must trust in God.''

I found myself very pleased with the move and decided to prolong my stay, perhaps through the spring and summer. For nearly a week, I enjoyed Withysham undisturbed. And then, on the sixth day, towards nightfall, an outbreak of barking from the dogs and the echoing rattle of wheels and iron-shod hooves from the gate arch drew me to a window. From which, to my astonishment and dismay, I watched a crowd of horsemen followed by two big coaches, each drawn by four horses and each with an all too familiar coat of arms painted on its doors, arrive on my premises. A baggage wagon followed them, creaking.

Not that moving faster would have done me much good. Brockley was right. Having to travel into Sussex was no problem to anyone who really wanted to find me.

The day of the Yarrows’ departure was when I decided that Harry’s birthday, which was in February, should be celebrated in Withysham, deep in Sussex, a healthy distance from both Dover and London, as I remarked to Brockley.

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