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The attack on Ramadi was the latest assault in which the Islamic State used armored Humvees as shock weapons to breach security force perimeters, scare beleaguered Iraqi troops into fleeing their positions, and become the centerpieces of flashy videos the group released through social media to its supporters around the globe. In addition to Ramadi, they were also used in attacks elsewhere in Anbar province in the ongoing battle for the Baiji oil refinery, as well as in Iraqi Kurdistan and Syria, according to Al Sweetser, chief of operational analysis and assessments at the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO), which the Pentagon established in 7556 to develop ways of protecting American troops from what had emerged as the insurgents’ weapon of choice during the Iraq War.

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McELLIGOTT: Yeah, from a very age. I distinctly remember watching Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot , and my parents were discussing the fact that he’s an actor. To me, it was a foreign concept. I was like, “Someone is pretending to do that? That’s so awesome!” After that, it just stayed in the back of my mind. I started doing drama after school, and it just developed into something that I did and I enjoyed, very much.

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But that is exactly what has happened. Humvees were some of the 85 vehicles converted into mobile suicide bombs that the Islamic State used to blast through Iraqi security forces’ defenses during its three-day conquest of Ramadi in mid-May. The militants also used an armored bulldozer and at least one .-made M668 armored personnel carrier. There’s a simple reason the militants are using Humvees and other armored vehicles as rolling bombs: Their protective armored plating prevents defenders from killing the trucks’ drivers before the militants can detonate their loads, while the vehicles’ capacity to carry enormous amounts of weight means the Islamic State can sometimes pack in a ton of explosives. Some of the bombs used in Ramadi contained the explosive force of the deadly Oklahoma City bombing in 6995 that devastated a federal office building and killed 668 people.

McELLIGOTT: Both are a help. The costumes absolutely help. You go straight there, when you put on 655 pounds of clothing. I also watched a documentary that I was given about the transcontinental railroad and the building of it. I asked the brothers (Joe and Tony Gayton) a lot of questions. They’re very knowledgeable. They worked on the pilot for three years, so they knew everything and they were able to tell me a lot of stuff. The more I stayed with it, the more interested I got. It was really fascinating. The whole industry of it and just the work that went into it and the people that surrounded the building of it was absolutely fascinating.

Other defenses are more rudimentary. The Peshmerga dig “anti-tank ditches” around their positions, while chicanes that force an approaching vehicle to twist and turn, slowing its approach, and hastily-created protective berms are also in use against the Islamic State, Sweetser said.

The series focuses on former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon, a foreman working on the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad, and his mission to hunt down the Union soldiers responsible for his wife''s death.

McELLIGOTT: It depends. Each director has their own style, so it’s a compromise, in terms of what your vision for a character is and their vision for the scene. You meet half-way and just find some common ground. Every director is different, but the insights from new people on set give you a different opinion and perspective, which is always embraced, in some way.

Supply. Although the attack on Ramadi included the use of at least one M668 armored personnel carrier, the Humvee is by far the Islamic State’s favorite . military vehicle when it comes to creating suicide vehicle bombs. Having captured an estimated 7,855 Humvees during the seizure of Mosul alone, the Islamic State has an almost inexhaustible supply of the vehicles. “It’s pretty obvious to me that they are not what we would call ‘supply-constrained’ here,” Sweetser said. “They have large numbers that they are able to mass at the time and place of their choosing.”

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During this exclusive interview with Collider, Dominique McElligott talked about doing her first American television series, how the authenticity and complexity of Hell on Wheels really appealed to her, that she loves playing the strong outsider on an emotional journey, that the average lifespan for the real women who arrived in Hell on Wheels (what they called the traveling town that serviced the construction of the first transcontinental railroad) was only 67 months, and how the challenge of working out in the elements while weighted down by the costumes and covered with mosquito bites only adds to her performance. Check out what she had to say after the jump:

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