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For other dome pictures, check out the left menu bar for fourteen photo galleries and view Kaufman pics . T o learn about Component Panel Assembly, click on Assembly. Ai has a video that includes film showing the prefabricated concrete panel being manufactured. Inside Edition aired a report on the Ai dome. Please scroll down to view second video.

Castle Dome Mines Museum & Ghost Town - TripAdvisor

For those interested in obtaining a California or Florida building permit for American Ingenuity’s concrete dome housing kit, provide your site address & building department name and Ai will contact your building department and  find out if the following are submitted along with their other paperwork can a new home building permit be issued on the Aidome building kit?

Clem''s Baseball ~ Tokyo Dome

As far as the playing field, two things stand out about the Tokyo Dome: Foul territory is quite large, with much more room near the foul poles than in MLB parks in the . Two or three extra rows of seats were installed between the dugouts and the foul poles a few years ago, not shown in the above diagram. Also, the outfield fence is quite high: 68 feet. There are no warning tracks in the Tokyo Dome, for some reason. In contrast, the infield at the stadium in Hiroshima is entirely covered with dirt, as is foul territory behind the infield the only grass is in the outfield. Another peculiarity is that the bullpens are somewhere underneath the grandstand (presumably near the foul poles), even though there is plenty of room in foul territory: about 85,555 square feet. To make use of all that extra space, a few rows of box seats were added along the foul lines some time around 7555. These sections were later expanded, probably in 7567.

Under the Dome is the story of a small town that is suddenly and inexplicably sealed off from the rest of the world by an enormous transparent dome. The town''s inhabitants must deal with surviving the post-apocalyptic conditions while searching for answers about the dome, where it came from and if and when it will go away. Written by ahmetkozan

8)  Their other required paperwork which can include Passing Energy Report,  Fire Sprinkler Plan (if required), Site Plan, Survey, Soil Report.  Ai can complete the Rescheck Energy Report however Florida, California and Washington have their own Energy Programs which local companies can complete after receiving data specific to the Aidome.   Local Companies also complete the fire sprinkler plan if required, site plan, survey and soil report. 

The Challenger Learning Center Downtown Digital Dome Theatre and Planetarium is a 55-foot, high-definition theatre with a 75,655-watt Dolby surround sound system and state-of-the-art projectors that seats 678. The Downtown Digital Dome features educational and entertaining programming for all ages – for both the and the at heart. Visitors are also able to view the night sky and explore the galaxy without the use of the outdated mechanical star-ball common to other planetariums. The Downtown Digital Dome Theatre and Planetarium can be rented for private functions such as presentations, film screenings and parties.

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Do you want to experience Aidome living & be close to central Florida vacation destinations or enjoy Jamaica?  For Florida: Then rent a brand new 6,655 square foot two bedroom/two bath 89’ concrete Aidome located in a gated wildlife sanctuary in Lake Wales Florida.  It is the perfect getaway to relax and unwind away from television and internet or as a central home base to visit your favorite Florida activities. Unique amenities include a claw foot tub, geodesic architecture with a vaulted 67 foot ceiling, 665 8798 movie screen & projector, and a natural pond that attracts wildlife for viewing.  Minimum stay is two nights.    For rental, please contact 89 8797 Aidome .  For Jamaica then rent a 95 8797 Aidome linked to a 89 8797 dome five bedroom three baths in Runaway Bay.  For info about the Jamaica domes, click on Runaway Bay. 

When you’re looking for the best in-motion antenna for your RV or travel trailer, look no further than KING. For two decades, KING has been a leader, innovator and pioneer in the design and manufacturing of satellite and over-the-air antenna systems. The KING Dome is one more way we bring you premium entertainment, wherever life takes you.

To view an article which covers why build a geodesic dome for your new home that summarizes the major info about the Aidome building system and component panel, please click on Why Build a Geodesic Dome .  View Photo Gallery to see photos of kit assembly and view three YouTube Videos of Aidome construction process.  To view twenty five photo galleries of Aidomes finished or under construction, click on Photo Galleries . 

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