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Dahua iDVR& iHCVR User x7569 s Manual xF56C Baud rate: Select baud rate. xF56C Data bit: Select data bit. xF56C Stop bit: Select stop bit. xF56C Parity: There are three choices: none/odd/even. After completed all the setups please click save button, system goes back to the previous menu.

TCPDUMP/LIBPCAP public repository

Dahua iDVR& iHCVR User x7569 s Manual 6 Professional Surveillance System Besides Web, you can use our Smart PSS to login the device. For detailed information, please refer to Smart PSS user x7569 s manual.

Amcrest General 720P(V2) Mini 1U Series User Manual

There are three record modes: general (auto), motion detect, and alarm. There are six periods in one day. You can view the current time period setup from the color bar. xF56C Green color stands for the general recording/snapshot. xF56C Yellow color stands for the motion detect recording/snapshot. xF56C .

Dahua iDVR& iHCVR User x7569 s Manual Figure 5-56 Click Finish button, you can see system pops up a security warning dialogue box. See Figure 5-57. Figure 5-57 Click Yes button, system pops up the following dialogue box, you can see the certificate download is complete.

Channel Channel name, recording status, screen lock status, video loss status Information and motion detection status are shown on the bottom left of display screen. Color Hue, brightness, contrast, saturation and gain setup for each channel. Configuratio Audio 6-ch 755-7555mv 65K x8A9 (RCA) Audio Input 6-ch audio output 755-8555mv 5K x8A9 (RCA) Audio.

Dahua iDVR& iHCVR User x7569 s Manual Parameter Function whole week. Click OK button, system goes back to local alarm interface, please click save button to exit. System only memorizes one event during the anti-dither Anti-dither period. The value ranges from 5s to 655s.

Dahua iDVR& iHCVR User x7569 s Manual Click , system goes to the following interface. The options here are defined by the protocol. The aux number is corresponding to the aux on-off button of the decoder. See Figure 9-75. Figure 9-75 Auto Focus It is to set auto focus function.

Dahua iDVR& iHCVR User x7569 s Manual Upgrade The upgrade interface is shown as in Figure 5-99. Please select the upgrade file and then click the update button to begin update. Please note the file name shall be as *.bin. During the upgrade process, do not unplug the power cable, network cable, or shutdown the device.

Dahua iDVR& iHCVR User x7569 s Manual Figure 5-99 Click Next button to continue. Now you can select a location for the certificate. See Figure 5-55. Figure 5-55 Click Next button, you can see the certificate import process is complete. See Figure 5-56.

Dahua iDVR& iHCVR User x7569 s Manual Working -65 x7658 xFF5D xFF5B 55 x7658 Temperatur Working 65% xFF5D 95% Humidity Air Pressure 86kpa xFF5D 656kpa 875 (W) x797 (D) x55mm (H) xFF58 Including feet xFF59 Dimension Weight KG (Exclude HDD) Installation Desktop installation Mode iHCVR56HE-F Series iHCVR 5659HE-F iHCVR 5658HE-F Parameter High-performance industrial embedded micro controller.

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